Fire Detection

Commercial and residential fires have increased in number across the US over the past decade. Residential fires have attributed to roughly 5,000 deaths and more than 20,000 injuries annually according to the National Fire Protection Agency.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency estimates that the leading causes of residential fires is due to heating devices like space heaters and cooking devices such as stoves or grills. Cigarettes are the leading cause of multiple death fires followed by portable heating equipment, wood stoves, gas or electric cooking stoves, kerosene heaters, etc.

Experts estimate that 50 percent of all lives lost in residential and commercial fires could be prevented by installing early warning fire detection equipment. It is also very beneficial to have a family or company emergency evacuation plan in case of a fire.

The National Fire Protection Association under Article No. 74 has set a standard for Household Fire Warning Equipment. To choose the proper equipment for your home or commercial establishment make sure this equipment adheres to the standards set forth by NFPA No.74.

There are two types of fire detection systems. One type of system detects heat and the other detects smoke. There are advantages to both systems but safety is always paramount especially when the lives of your family, employees or other investments are involved. Let Lucien Security help you find the right equipment for your residential or commercial needs.

Lucien Security will help to ensure that the lives and lively-hood of your family and your investments are looked after with our state of the art Fire Detection equipment.

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